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For those of you living in China, we understand that you have different travel needs than other travelers. The Great Wall, the Terracotta Army and other conventional tourist attractions cannot entirely satisfy your interests. Here, we have specially designed tours with unique natural scenery, off-the-beaten path destinations and authentic local cultures for you, which will bring you a leisure and wonderful time on your weekends or long vacations.

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Seasonal Travel Recommendations

Comfortable Spring Travel
with Beautiful Sunshine and Blooming Flowers
After a long, cold winter, the weather warms up in March and everything begins to come back to life. Spring is back. The trees sprout, the grass turns green, and the flowers are blooming. What a lively and vivid world! And we are sure your heart is starting to throb with it, right?

When traveling in spring, you will not miss seeing beautiful flowers in full bloom. At this time, the sea of rape flowers is really spectacular in Luoping, Yunnan; wild flowers bloom brightly in the mountains and fields of Lijiang; in Huangshan, azaleas are especially eye-catching among other flowers; And in Luoyang, the elegant and noble peony is not to be outdone, showing their most fresh colors to everyone. In spring, with genial breeze, it is a good time to stroll at Sudi along the West Lake in Hangzhou; also the best time to visit Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, and the ancient city of Xi’an.

In addition, there are pear flowers in Jinchuan of Sichuan, the peach flowers in Nyingchi of Tibet, the apricot flowers in Yili of Xinjiang, and the plum and cherry blossoms in Wuxi. The only difficult thing is how to choose from. Don't care about flowers? Don't worry, you are not only seeing flowers, but also enjoying unbeatable views in these places.
Summer Comes
Where to Travel to Escape the Heat?
From June to August, most parts of China enter the typical summer time. Rainy, hot and longer daytime are the main features of this season. While, it is also the time when the mountains are lush green and the rivers are flowing gurgling. In addition, the average temperature during this period is 18-28°C (65-82°F), which means there are still many places that are cool, comfortable and suitable for travel. Come on, how can you miss the charming scenery at this time?

In the hot summer, staying away from the heat and splashing in the water are the two main themes for traveling. To satisfy both, Yunnan and Guizhou are good choices for your summer vacation. Erhai Lake of Dali, Lugu Lake, Lijiang Old Town, Huangguoshu waterfall, Libo, traditional Miao ethnic minority villages, none of these places will disappoint you.

Summer is also the best time to enjoy the prairie scenery when the grasslands are lush green. In Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, you'll find many thriving grasslands where you can ride horses, watch wrestling, and experience unique nomadic culture and traditions.

There are more recommended destinations, like Tibet, Guilin, Qingdao, Chengde, Qinghai Lake, Moganshan and more. If you have anything in mind, just let us know.
Golden Autumn
Wow! These Places Look Like Fairy Tales.
Autumn is the most beautiful season in a year. The sky is blue and cloudless, the water is clear as a bright mirror, the woods are a symphony in red, brown and yellow, and the weather is cool and comfortable. What a great time to travel! Among the four seasons, there is no season that can be as gorgeous as the golden autumn, which makes people intoxicated and addictive, as if in the fairy tale world.

Where to find the beauty of autumn? In Beijing at the Badaling Great Wall, you will see the spectacular maple leaves; at Huangshan, when the leaves change from green to gold and fiery red, even many photography enthusiasts come here to take amazing photos; taking the Yangtze River cruise, you will enjoy a relaxing holiday while appreciating the colorful leaves on the banks of the Yangtze River. In addition, the weather is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities in Yangshuo, such as hiking, biking, climbing and rafting. The golden terraced fields in Longsheng and Yuanyang will also make you enthralled.
Find Winter Beauty
Here Are 6 of the Best Places to Go!
In winter, the colors of the world seem to be fading, and the cold always prevents people from going outside. In fact, even in the cold winter, there are still many good places for you to choose for a wonderful trip.

The first place that comes to mind is Harbin, a city covered with snow. During the annual grand Ice and Snow Festival, you will be amazed by the exquisite snow sculptures and dreamlike ice lanterns. For people who would like to stay away from the cold, Sanya is the best choice. There are blue sky and white clouds, waves and beaches, so you can enjoy the sun, go diving, and taste delicious seafood and tropical fruits. Yunnan, a place suitable for all seasons due to its pleasant climate, is another ideal destination. Xishangbanna and Tengchong, in particular, featuring a tropical monsoon climate with plenty of sunshine and rainfall, will give you a summer-like holiday.

More cities you can go in winter are Huangshan, Chengdu, Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai etc. In winter, with fewer visitors, you can enjoy the beauty in a leisurely way.
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